CCTV & Burglar Alarms in Bromley by Master Alarms Ltd

Master Alarms are experts in CCTV and burglar alarms. We supply homes and businesses in Bromley with the security solutions which are right for them, whether that's a state of the art system or a simple one device installation. We're committed to providing a reliable and professional service to all our customers.


We're all used to seeing CCTV cameras. You can spot the familiar cameras across our towns and cities outside shops and office buildings and even on public transport and roadsides. They ensure security and are invaluable at providing evidence should the need ever arise.

While more and more people are keen to install their own cameras, a professional installation avoids blackspots and ensures you're getting the correct product for your purpose. As CCTV experts, we can recommend products with sensors, remote recording, face recognition and high definition recording, as well as making sure the product installed is suitable for its location. To avoid poor installation of your CCTV, Bromley installers Master Alarms will advise, supply and install the CCTV system to tick all the boxes and set up remote viewing for you.


Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms

You don't need to be a criminal to know that the mere sight of a burglar alarm can be enough to deter an unwanted intruder. Because we're experts in the field of burglar alarms, Bromley residents can turn to us for security advice.

You'd be surprised at how unobtrusive a modern burglar alarm can be. Wired or wireless options mean that we can install a burglar alarm in your Bromley home or business with minimal disruption.

Whatever you require an alarm for, join the many satisfied Bromley customers who have trusted us to design, supply and install a system which guarantees the highest possible levels of safety. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you keep your home or business secure.

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